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Our Culture

WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT We respect, care for, and support one another


We are committed to a grassroots culture of quality and safety.  We understand the importance of structured and disciplined problem solving tools.  We believe the safety of our people is paramount.  However, we also know that embracing quality and safety as a personal value and internalizing this as part of our DNA is how we will make a sustainable and meaningful impact.

This is our commitment to a culture of quality and a culture of safety.

Core Values

  • We are focused on our customer
  • We expect and appreciate loyalty
  • We encourage one another
  • We are passionate and believe that with tenacity and creative problem solving, we can tackle and conquer most challenges and opportunities.
  • We value integrity as a cornerstone for all decisions
  • We respect one another
  • We choose to live our lives with an optimistic outlook
  • We are committed to teams and teamwork
  • We treat each other with kindness and consideration

We have a great team of people.  We are on the cusp of breakthrough growth.  We are on the brink of creating something extraordinary.  We want and need good people who believe they can contribute to our bright future.

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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Our teams take initiative

Our teams contribute to their local communities and to the needs of our Avancez families.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Conserving the quality of our environment

At Avancez we are committed to minimize or eliminate the impact our operations have on the environment through the implementation of objectives and targets.

We do our best to maintain the environment around us. We are committed to the elimination of waste in all forms. We adhere to robust environmental health and safety standards and our operating plants are ISO 14001 certified.

Our Environmental Policy:
Our vision is to Be the Best Assembly Integrator in the World. Achieving this vision includes protecting the environment, meeting our legal and voluntary obligations, and continually improving our environmental management system and environmental performance.

Diverse Woman-Owned Enterprise

Our business foundation and performance reputation is strong; and the fact that we’re a woman business enterprise offers a parallel opportunity to support and develop women in the manufacturing sector.


Why the name Avancez?  Because the company was founded as an automotive supplier birthed in Detroit on the heels of challenging industry times, just as Detroit’s revitalization began to take hold.  The name is a French word and Detroit was settled by the French in 1701 as a fur trading post.

Over time, Detroit transformed itself into a world-class industrial powerhouse and the fourth largest American city by the mid-20th century; but by the latter 20th century, Detroit experienced a sustained economic downturn.  This recession lasted for quite some time but now the city is reinventing itself and undergoing a groundbreaking renaissance.  Detroit, the motor city, always finds a way to move forward.

Out of homage to this French history and the fact that Detroit knows how to survive, our company’s name was born.  Avancez is a French word that means to progress, advance, and keep going.  At Avancez, we do exactly that; we are committed to progress, we continue to advance our future, and even in the face of obstacles and challenge, we always keep going.  We live in a fast paced just-in-time environment that propels us forward.

We also want people who are eager to advance themselves; team members who are up for a challenge and focused on progress.  I hope that you will investigate our job openings so perhaps you can Avancez with us.

Kathryn Nichols

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